Rock N Roll Star from a sold-out O2 Academy Glasgow



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At a time with so many Oasis tribute bands self-proclaiming to be number 1, Definitely Oasis have pretty much appeared out of nowhere and completely raised the standard as to how an Oasis tribute should sound and look.

With many looking on in envy Definitely Oasis has very quickly become the best sounding and most raved about Oasis tribute band there is by fans and promoters alike there is taking it to a level as close to a real Oasis live show as you can get.


Sell-out shows and 5-STAR reviews as seen here are part of the norm for this tribute band, The lads have gone from playing small pub gigs to performing at and selling out some of the more prestigious venues & Festivals worldwide getting invited back time and time again. and until Liam and Noel finally get back together this band will continue to re-create an Oasis live show keeping the sound & vibe well and truly alive.