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Who are Oasis tribute band Definitely Oasis?

Definitely Oasis as band have been going for just over 4 years now and there rise to being the best Oasis tribute band in this very competitive scene has been nothing short of remarkable.

Definitely Oasis playing to 2000 people at the Barrowlands

In those years the band went from playing local pub gigs in West Lothian to playing sell out shows all over the UK in city's like London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Inverness, Sheffield & Leeds including a sold out Barrowland Ballroom show with The Complete Stone Roses in 2016 a venue where the real Oasis played arguably some of there finest shows.

In April 2016 the band also made a bit of history by becoming the first ever tribute band to sell out The Garage the iconic 700 capacity venue in Glasgow and on Saturday 15th April 2017 look like smashing there own record as this years show has already sold out in only 3 weeks with a second night Friday 14th of April being added due to the insane demand which is also heading towards a sell out.

The band also had a small cameo performance on popular UK TV show E4's Tattoo Fixers in January 2017.

So how did Definitely Oasis get to this level? like i said 4 years ago the band were playing small pubs and clubs The bands singer Brian is going to fill us in..

Brian aka Liam

I've always been a massive Oasis fan to me they were the best band in the world by a million miles from Noels amazing songwriting to Liams vocals & swagger they had it all and until the wheels fell off they were the best live band you'd ever see and hopefully they'll return someday.

Brian singing in Newcastle with Definitely Oasis - Oasis Tribute Band

The reason i think were doing so well now is from the off its been about getting the sound and look right people pay there hard earned money to see us so its only right that we do those songs justice as they mean so much to so many people.

it was pretty much all work and no play locked in a rehearsal studio for months at a time for the first few years but its all been worth it.

The Oasis tribute band idea came about for a few different reasons id been to see a few different Oasis tributes over the years but none had that live sound that Oasis had and to be honest the bands id seen were very cabaret sounding with not a lot of effort put in.

For us now its all about the next show being bigger and better than the one before we have invested a lot of time and money to get great musical equipment and clothing as well as some impressive visual equipment and backdrops.

Before this i was singing for The Complete Stone Roses playing all over the world for a good 10 years and during that time we were rated as one of the best tributes in the world so i know how important the live sound is and what it takes to be successful and i am sure with this band at least until Noel & Liam patch things up can get to a similar level if not even greater heights.

So there you have it just shows what can be accomplished with a lot of hard work check out the Definitely Oasis gig listings to see when they will be in your town or

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