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Why an Oasis tribute band? Derek aka Gem for Definitely Oasis

The 90’s were a pretty cool time to grow up, it all changed for me the when I was at a party and just as I was leaving my mate wh

o knew I was still into dance music handed me the second coming and said listen to this. That was it I was hooked on the indie stuff, Everyone at school was raving about this new Album from Oasis called What's the story morning glory, so I listened to it on repeat and just couldn't stop. I then checked out Definitely maybe and it blew me away.

At the time my sister was learning guitar at school and after pestering her she showed me a couple songs, I remember learning it’s good to be free, she’s electric, live forever and a few others. Then I learned my first ever guitar solo which was Sunday morning call.

I went to college and went out and bought my first electric guitar. I sat in the accommodation every night playing away, mostly to Oasis, I was fascinated with Familiar to millions having been at the same show a week later at murrayfield. I remember looking at Gem playing the non reverse firebird and wanting one so badly.

I joined my first band with some work colleagues and we played mostly indie covers and would practice through the week and had a good laugh. Then I moved abroad and it was back to playing every night in my flat, I had learned most of the Oasis songs by then and played along all the time. After moving back from Germany I joined another band with A Northern Souls Martin Livingstone, we gigged for a year or so with other local bands where I met Brian.

The band I was in had broke up and one works Xmas night out I bumped into Brian and he told me he was thinking of starting an Oasis tribute and asked if I fancied it, I said yes straight away. Couple months later the rehearsals began and it’s been all action since.

My favorite part is seeing the look on younger folks who come to see us faces, it reminds me of when I went to see the Complete Stone Roses the first time having missed out on the Stone Roses first stint. Makes me proud to be able to keep it alive and hopefully allow the younger ones a glimpse of what it was like to be at an Oasis gig back in the day.

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